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Reliance Jio being the industry leader has 436 millions mobile users, followed by Airtel which was once king of mobile operators and now has user base of 352 millions. Vodafone Idea comes next with a figure of 273 millions subscribers. Then comes our Indian state owned BSNL which has a subscriber base of 115 millions. Our mobile number tracker software can trace any Indian mobile number provided by any of operators.

UP East has most mobile users, 101 million subscribers. Maharashtra has 94 million mobile users, followed by Andhra Pradesh, which has 87 millions users. Bihar & Jharkhand comes next with a subscriber base of 86 millions. You can track a mobile location and get all details by doing a free cell phone number trace.

CallTracer provides an easy, free interface to trace India mobile number. This mobile location tracker gives all the details along with location on map easily. You can even get our mobile number tracer feature for your website, so your visitors can track Indian mobile number right from your website.

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